Cure for Information Overload

Comparing Apples & Oranges

Have you ever wanted to compare two items, say Mars and Venus, and sorting through all the information is intimidating? Not any more, check out this search engine:  This incredible search engine takes any two subjects and compares them. In addition to  the size, temperature and location information, the search engine will tell you more. This search engine is definitely worth checking out!


Searching Beyond Google

There are many search engines out in cyperspace. What’s your favorite search engine beyond Google? The best search engines do not include Google. Surprised? Take a look at Hipmunk and how it presents its data. Is it easier to use than Google. For more search engines, read this article, 9 Sites With Killer Functionality.



Shopping for your Favorite Geek

Ready or not, the Christmas season is almost upon us. Get a quick head start on shopping for your favorite geek. Do they need handwarmers while typing outside? A thumb drive in the shape of their favorite Marvel character? Take a look at:

You’ll have all your shopping done before you can say ‘Turkey Time!

Information Overload and Your Brain

Ever wondered why you feel so tired after being on the Internet for awhile? Simply put, we’re wearing out our brains trying to understand every little bit of information floating out there in cyber space. For a better understanding of Information Overload, read this article, ‘How Information Overload Ruins Your Brain.’



Wikipedia vs. Britannica

When Wikipedia was first launched, librarians and teachers condemned it. It is not a reliable source. That has all changed. Have your views changed? Do you use Wikipedia? Do your students? What makes Wikipedia friendlier to use than Britannica?


Read this article – Wikipedia vs. Britannica – and let me know what you think.

Social Networking Map

Have you ever wondered what happened to those old Internet tools and places we loved? Where did MySpace go? Check out this 2010 Social Networking Map to answer all those questions. Although it’s a bit dated, it’s a fun browse through social networking history.



Infographics and LEGOS

I enjoy reading infographics. They make information fun! Cool Infographics is one of my favorite places on the web and recently they posted an infographic explaining what an infographic is using pictures of LEGOS. Confused? You won’t be after clicking on this link:

And while you are at the site, check out the gallery of other infographics. Which one is your favorite?